July 20, 2024



Book Clubs – Can Open Up A Vast Choice In Books

You get used to reading a course in miracles while in school, college and even post graduation. Once you are out of school and join the rat race of competition and making a living you tend to forget that you were once a voracious reader and loved books the most. Once you have made some thing out of your life and settled to a comfortable life to read the thought reoccurs. You crave to get hold of a good book to read (or even take to bed with you.) and you realize that you are miles away from your literate friends and do not have access to any library, or a book store or informative publications like New York Times Book Review. You have no way of knowing which book to read and which to get from where.

Probably the best way to find which book to read is to look at book club recommendations. Naturally you would want to know as to which book club meets your tastes so that your search gets narrowed only to those books might interest you.


Almost all of us who have been voracious book readers joined one mail-order book club or the other when we started reading books seriously. That was of course a long time ago and there is no guarantee that those exist even now or not. The most popular mail-order book clubs now are:

1. Book-of -the-Month Club.

2. Quality Paperback Books

3. The Literary Guild.

Mail-order clubs have an objectionable attribute. They will send you a book automatically according to your profile listed with them or send a notification so that you may order book/s. You either order the book and pay for it or if sent automatically, send it back with in a short period or pay. Moreover the title listings may not be of the current bestsellers but of those that old publications and are left on their shelf too long for their comfort.


Charlie Rose’s author interviews, aired in America over PBS affiliated stations and Oprah’s Book Club. Charlie Rose’s interviewed are a motley of different subjects and a very few cover authors, However the authors he chooses are all modern-day fiction and non fiction writers who provide coherent and logical motivation to have a look at their books. Some of the authors that Charlie Rose has interviewed are Toni Morrison, Tom Clancy, Maureen Dowd, James Risen and Seamus Heany.

Oprah Book Club, on the other hand does not limit itself to only interviews. She picks authors of books she likes and then initiates a discussion on the book which furnishes a beneficial insight into the content of the book. Oprah recommends almost all of Toni Morrison’s works-books along with books of the likes of Wally Lamb’s ” She’s Come Undone and Kaye Gibson’s ” Ellen Foster”