July 20, 2024



Conducting Press Tours at Trade Shows

For years, multi-city press tours have been a key component in the process of introducing new products to the trade mxl tv. The concept of delivering the news in person to editors has endured even though nearly all aspects of today’s travel logistics and expenses have continued to increase in both difficulty and complexity.

The standard practice of utilizing a traveling press tour has included scheduling meetings at an editor’s home office where a supplier’s key product development and marketing experts would conduct a formal new product pitch. The somewhat formal presentation would highlight, among other issues, a new product’s unique features, its exclusive benefits, ease of operation, competitive analysis, pricing and outstanding customer value. The goal of the effort was performed with the hope of obtaining positive editorial coverage during the critical new product introduction (NPI) phase of bringing a new product to market.

Other objectives of the one-on-one presentation were to hopefully acquire the editor’s favorable support and, in turn coverage, of his/her findings in a future new product article, application story, product round up or at least a favorable mention in a future issue of the selected magazine.

In addition, the product marketing and public relations teams would hope to get a sense of the editor’s opinion and disposition towards allowing them to prepare their own new product feature or customer application story for publication with minimum editing. Ideas and concepts for a magazine cover or web page featured artwork or photography might also be discussed and offered at no charge to the magazine during the press tour sessions.

Domestic multi-city press tour schedules often can be grueling, time consuming and expensive. Plus, it only takes one editor to cancel a meeting at the last moment to throw the entire effort into turmoil and possibly affect the entire effort. This is especially true in those cases where products are large, difficult to handle, especially when transportation and set-up is a major undertaking.

Additionally, planning, scheduling and conducting an international press tour to coincide with a world wide new product introduction is almost always more demanding and complex when one considers the issues of language, time zone changes, customs regulations, transportation logistics and overall coordination challenges.

There is little doubt that obtaining favorable press coverage when introducing a new product can be extremely beneficial to the overall success of a new product launch in the market place. However, there might be a better way to meet the press than hitting the road putting on dog and pony shows all over the country with participants feeling like members of a wandering minstrel show.

A Trade Show Press Suite Might Solve the Problem

According to Robert Galvin, President, Galvin & Associates, Public Relations, Portland, Oregon, “We have utilized the trade show press suite for many clients over the years and have found it to be much more effective, economical and successful than doing an on-the-road press tour.” Galvin continues, “The major reasons for the success of this kind of PR function is that most editors attending major trade shows have committed their limited time for show attendance and are there specifically to learn as much as possible about new products. By having editors individually meet key product developers and top management during a new product presentation within an exhibitor’s suite assures a better understanding of the product and consequently, better press coverage compared to just picking up a press kit in the press room,” Galvin adds.