July 18, 2024



Eyebrow Shaping – The Ticket To Perfect Eyebrows

Makeup can only do so much to enhance the look of your eyes. eyebrow tattoo Perth Shaping thestyle of the eyebrows to fit the harmony of the face completes the package. How many times have you seen an excellent application of makeup only tospot the uni-brow right off! On the other hand the total pluck and paint is
almost as unsightly. There must be a balance between the two.Remembering “perfect” is different for each person, what are the qualitiesone would expect to find to achieve perfect eyebrows?

Foremost, the entire shape of your eyebrows must be matched and equal, they
need to be smooth and the color needs to be complimentary to your face and
eyes. Do not shade to a bottled hair color you have, instead shade to the
natural color your hair used to be. If you want to change the color of your
eyebrows get with your favorite salon stylist and have them change the
color of your eyebrows to a light brown if you are blond or darker to a
black if you are a brunette.

As you may already know, the eyebrows have three distinctly different
points, the first is above the bridge of the nose, the second is the center
area which has the most curve and the ending or outermost point.

Perfect eyebrows are usually shaped similar to a comma, with the first
point of about one quarter inch in height tapering down in size towards the
ending of an eighth of an inch or less. The ending should line up
horizontally with the beginning. If any slight mistakes are made during the
shaping, an eyebrow pencil of similar color may be used to fill in gaps.

To train your new eyebrows use a little face cream massaged into the
eyebrow and comb in the direction of beginning to ending with a fine comb.
Try not to thin the eyebrow to much especially when starting to shape. You
can always thin farther after a few days but you can’t stick them back in!

Different face shapes will require slightly different eyebrow contours.
Personal preference is most important of course but there are a few
guidelines to go by.

Typically the shape of the face will determine the starting shape of the
eyebrows, a round face will naturally have slightly round eyebrows, only
minor modification is needed. A square face will typically have thicker,
straight eyebrows and much reshaping and training will be needed to create
an oblique, thinner look.

It may take several months of shaping and training to get the perfect look
for your eyebrows but with a little time and dedication you can have the
eyebrows you always dreamed about!