June 25, 2024



Game Review of Papa’s Pizzeria

Papa’s Pizzeria is yet another time management goodgamestation, but here instead of managing farms or hotels like countless other games, you get to run a pizzeria. It’s basically the same format, but in a different setting. You take orders from customers, and then top, cook, and cut pizza based on the order specifications. You do this by clicking on the various pizza stations.

You start off at the order station where you can see the customers and take their orders. Every order has the topping ingredients, cooking time, and cutting style the customer prefers.

Once you receive the order, you go on to the topping station and start topping the pizza. Since the controls in this game are all mouse based, you top by clicking and dragging ingredients on to the pizza. You can rearrange the ingredients even after they are on the pizza, so rearrange if you think the ingredients look messy. How well they are arranged will affect the final score.

Next, the pizza will travel to the baking station to be baked. On some orders where longer baking times are specified, the game can get boring while you wait for the pizza to finish baking. However, this is only really a problem earlier on in the game when there aren’t that many customers, and later on when more start coming and waiting, longer baking times can be helpful, since they give you more time to deal with them.

When the pizza is done baking, it goes on to the cutting station to get sliced. Insure an order ticket appears on the right before you proceed, since if there is no ticket you won’t be able to finish the order, and your only option would be to throw away the pizza. That would be bad, and can unfortunately happen.If there is no ticket on the right, you need to drag the appropriate order ticket (from the stack of tickets at the top of the game) to the right and then you will be able to finish the order by clicking the “finish order” button.

Once the pizza is done and presented to the customer, the game will grade how well you followed the order. If the toppings are sloppy or the pizza was cut haphazardly, you will be penalized and will receive a lower tip.

Throughout the game you continue taking orders and try to please customers. If costumers are pleased, they become repeat customers and will help you get more tips.

As mentioned, all the controls in this game are mouse based. While the controls work for the most part, a better interface for managing order tickets would of been helpful. Many times in the game it gets difficult to see and manage multiple order tickets. As a result, many times a pizza can mistakenly be sent with the wrong order.