May 24, 2024



Hardwood Flooring And Bamboo Flooring: Which Wood Floor Should You Go For?

Do you want to have a wood floor? But, you are still undecided as to which one you should go for? Given the numerous number of wood Stained Concrete Designs College Station varieties and their excellent individual qualities, buyers like you often fudge to choose the one fearing of failure in making an appropriate choice. In this piece of writing, two varieties of them are being discussed. So, let’s have a comparison look into the growing trend for bamboo flooring with the more traditional flooring type named the hardwood flooring.

Hardwood flooring is quite known to us and has been a popular choice since a long time back. But, a new competitor has been introduced in the wood flooring market and its increasing popularity is hard to ignore. And, that competitor is none other than bamboo flooring type. Let the merits of bamboo flooring be compared here with those of hardwood flooring, so that prospective buyers may come to have relevant knowledge about which type they should choose from. That an important point needs to be clearly mentioned at the very beginning is both of these types are good and worth fitting according to their suitability and adaptability.


Hardwood floors have long been popular, especially due to their strength and durability. So, homeowners hardly think of using alternative flooring materials to hardwood types to design their floors. For instance, most of them doubt if bamboo floors are really strong enough to endure every day pressures. They believe bamboo to be weak, so they look to next choices! Bamboo is no doubt a grass-like plant. Being so, bamboo is believed to be lightweight and flimsy option. This is an utter misconception to be honest to say all of it! This misconception is again aggravated with fondly promoting an advertisement showing a panda bear munching a bamboo easily. Bet saying, the picture must change with replacing the slender bamboo with a seasoned one! Bamboo is indeed a surprisingly robust choice for your floor material.

At the same time, you need to be aware that neither bamboo nor traditional hardwood floors are moisture-friendly. This is why it will be unwise to install them in your bathroom or kitchen. But, remember that bamboo could be a sturdier choice than available ones when you need to cope with precipitation or extreme fluctuations in temperature.


All of us know well of the traditional hardwood floor. But, do you know bamboo flooring can also provide lighter, more textured grain and contemporary finishes? Bamboo floors are, in fact, considered to be more contemporary choice, because the amber or honey colors of the bamboo boards offer different looks from the conventional finishes of the teak, cedar, oak, pine, or maple floors.

Eco-friendly Types:

Bamboo grows in abundance and good quality bamboo is also abundantly available across all parts of the world, leaving a handful of lands especially snow-covered lands where bamboo hardly grows. These days, the demand for bamboo flooring has increased exceptionally due to its eco-friendly properties. Unlike hardwood trees, be they deciduous trees or coniferous trees, which don’t mature over decades or even centuries, bamboo grows much faster and can reach its maturity level in four or five years. All the more, bamboo being a sustainable resource continues to protect ecology with getting re-birthed repetitively from its left roots. So, home-owners don’t need to feel guilty of being an accomplice of deforestation.