July 20, 2024



How to Spot and Select the Best Stock Screener

Stock screeners are popular amongst casual and avid investors because it removes emotions and the analytical process from your trading as every aspect short of enacting the trade is carried out for you and every move which you make is the product of mathematically crunched market behavior. These programs can make you a great deal of money in the best stocks to buy today market, but not every one is created equally and this market has its share of lemons like any other. I’ve used this technology for several years now and have found the best programs have certain things in common, so here is what you should keep in mind to get an absolute winning and best stock screener.

First off, the best stock screener will come with a money back guarantee. This separates the lemons from the programs which are worthy of your time. Not only that, but this enables you to try the program firsthand which means receiving a handful of stock picks and gauging their performances without having to risk a dime of your money. The best publishers I’ve dealt with over the years historically have always encouraged that I tried their programs in this way.

Secondly, avoid the free programs. That may sound like I’m trying to sell you on something myself, but instead it’s to warn you that the free programs are always breeding grounds for pump and dump scams. The process is straightforward enough. The person behind the”stock program”arbitrarily selects a stock, invests in it heavily themselves, and then sends out that pick to whoever has signed up for it. More people obviously sign up because it’s free and that way there are more people to drive up or pump up the value of that stock by volume, thus benefiting that person. This is a classic scam and it’s certainly illegal, so avoid the free options altogether and keep again the money back guarantee in mind.

Finally, I’ve found the best stock screener always focuses on penny stocks or greater priced stocks exclusively, one or the other. This is because it’s a completely different process anticipating the behavior of cheaper stocks which take less influence to affect their prices, and I’ve always had the best experiences with programs which focus on one or the other. Even if you’re fresh off the boat when it comes to stock investing or you don’t have the time to devote to it, if you’re ready to realize your financial independence I highly suggest you give the best stock screener a chance.