May 29, 2024



Identifying Differences Between Internet Scams and Real Opportunities

You need to do your research first, just like I did. latest scam reviews Take a look at the company you will be building your business off of. Look at their history, the type of products they sell, their target audience or niche market, their reputation, the stability of their business model or marketing plan, the type of system they use to generate your income streams, compensation plan, etc.

A legitimate home based business is identical to a brick and mortar job opportunity with only a few exceptions. You cannot expect to get promoted if you are not qualified for the position, right? It is the same exact concept with work at home jobs also. Sure, you have the convenience of working your own hours and in your own environment, but you must plan to build your business first if you ever expect to make a substantial living or “get promoted” as I put it before. This is why it is so important to look at which company you will be using as your foundation.

A solid reputation and a positive history with the Better Business Bureau is a good indicator that you have found a legitimate home business opportunity, yet keep in mind that there are still a few opportunities that are worth taking a look at that might not be registered members or may have just failed to renew their memberships. If the company you choose is not solid, or at least established, in the Internet Marketplace your business will fail before it even gets off the ground and once again you will feel cheated, taken advantage of, and scammed.

Seriously, there is some really stupid stuff out in cyberspace that I cannot believe people fall for these days. Unfortunately for some of us being scammed is almost guaranteed at least once while on our quest for the perfect Internet business opportunity. For others, creating the scams is their livelihood and thus it is proclaimed as a “home business” because they can make money doing it.

A simple keyword analysis, using major players like Google and Yahoo to test keyword search popularity, on phrases similar to “earn money today,” “quick cash,” “fast cash,” “money,” “income,” etc. will yield thousands of hits. Why is this you ask? It is because people are always looking for a simple way to make a quick buck with little or no effort, and it really sells!Do not get me wrong, I am in no way negatively attacking the victims of these scams. It is more so the bias or negative image that is created by them.

In the minds of most people this is the definition of what a home based business is. So while they are looking for these ways to make money online and actually end up being victimized by a scam, the first group named is those who are actually recruiting or advertising for legitimate home based business opportunities because the entire group has become a stereotype. Many entrepreneurs are getting nailed and affiliate marketing is developing a bad name because of a bias that is generated as a result of these online scams.