July 18, 2024



LED Harley Davidson Lights – What you may need to know

The unique and classic looks of Harley Davidson motorcycles can be further accentuated thanks to LED headlamps, auxiliary and accent Iget Bar. Modern Harley Davidson headlamps feature LED bulbs which offer whiter and brighter light, compared to the yellowish light that incandescent bulbs are known for. LEDs are an energy-saving option in that they consume around a tenth of the power needed by an incandescent bulb to generate so-many lumens of light. LED light is more natural to the eye because it is more like daylight and thus the modern Harley Davidson lights give the rider high performance lighting thereby making night riding safer and more enjoyable. LEDs are also shock and vibration proof and have a long lifespan of 100,000 plus hours.

Riders will be glad to know that LED Harley Davidson lights can fit into existing light housings without the need for any alterations to the existing wiring. Installation is also quick because there is no requirement for complicated wire configurations or the need for external ballast. Other than the headlights, there are LED bulbs for stop brake taillights, turn signal lights, and license plate lights.

Many people are also interested in LEDs because they can provide the accent lighting required to enhance the glamour Harley Davidson bikes are known for. In this regard the LEDs help to show off the bike’s engine and light up its underbody. LEDs are employed for this purpose thanks to their superior high intensity color effects. We can mainly find accent Harley Davidson lights as either LED pods or flexible strips. They are further available in single or multiple colors and the wide range of colors means that your Harley Davidson can achieve a color spectrum which suits your style and personality.

Before reaching out for a particular LED light system for your Harley Davidson, take time to make sure that it is waterproofed in order to ensure that you can ride your bike in all weather and road conditions. Ensure that the package carries with it a sufficient length of wire such that the LED accents can be installed with ease anywhere you want them on your bike.

Although LEDs are known to have a long lifespan and failures are rare, we should opt to source our Harley Davidson lights from stores which offer long warranties if only to ease the task of replacing non-working LEDs. Not all LED pods or flexible strips will work for your bike and as such you should look for a reputable dealer who can be contacted on phone or via email when you need to discuss whatever it is you want to achieve before you opt for a particular lighting accessory. Any reputable Harley Davidson lights dealer should be capable of advising you about the right sizes, shapes, colors and casings that will suitably meet your unique lighting needs.