May 29, 2024



Research Reveals Shoppers Views on Delivery Networks

Over the years the number of people using the internet for shopping has increased. With this, shoppers are expecting extra services such as SMS notification and real-time tracking information according to the UK’s largest parcel out for delivery network, Hermes.

It was highlighted that shoppers are still looking for convenience at a time that suits them and enables them to see information on the orders status. 72% of the one thousand shoppers that undertook the survey said Saturday was the best day for the arrival of courier services. As for the time of day, 6-7pm was chosen, maybe because of peoples work hours.

Surprisingly, on average the survey found that consumers had no real favourite to who carries out the delivery as long as it arrives quickly and in good condition. However, 15% preferred a nationwide parcel courier. These services can offer an assured, next day delivery and many other delivery options. The use of parcel deliveries is growing because of their good reputation for successful, quick delivery.

A growing movement was noticed towards leaving parcels in a safe place or with neighbours rather than a card having to re-arrange delivery. It is evident that shoppers want deliveries on time with out any extra hassle to receive their packages. Also, it was highlighted that people were becoming less willing to pay for extensive upgrades on a same day and next day delivery. In terms of parcel return, 78% said that they find a returns service to be organised online and collected from their selected destination.

Carole Woodhead, CEO of Hermes in the UK commented: “We undertook this investigation as we believe it is vital to better understand how our end user customers feel about home delivery. We have sent out these results with our retail customers and in many cases we have been reassured that we are offering the kind of service on-line shoppers want. We will continue to take these findings on board as we look at upcoming developments in the business.”