June 18, 2024



Scotland – Travel Destination

Largs is one of most interesting places in Scotland. It is situated on the Ayrshire shore. Spectacular scenery with islands on the west and waving hills on the east are bringing thousands of tourists every year that are willing to see the beauty of this place.This small city combines in it selves the atmosphere of relax that is connected with friendly and open people with positive energy of the holiday spa. We can find here bars,Scotland – Travel Destination Articles cafes, restaurants and interesting place to go, of course if we have enough of those fabulous landscapes. Of course, there is always golf there for people who like spending time pappy van winkle for sale.

Thing that all tourist that are visiting Largs must see is Vikingar where dressed up story tellers are retelling history of Vikings in Scotland again and again. We can also visit Kelburn Country Centre with its ponies, shows of horse jumping, playgrounds for kids and different kinds of animals to watch.

But none visit in Largs would be complete without seeing the Cumbrea Island. A short boat trip and we can feel like in a totally different place. Popular way of knowing this place better is to hire a bike and watch the iceland during the 18 kilometres long bike trip. We can also relax at the local beach and eat dinner in the local restaurant.

There are also different other reasons why it is worth to go to Largs. It is ideal base to go for a trip on Arran Iceland, which is called ‘Mini Scotland”. If someone loves shopping and culture it is very close from Largs to Glasgow – only one hour trip and we are in the centre of shopping and have a chance to visit Kelvingrove Museum or Science Centre.

So, as we can all see there are a lot of things that we can appreciate at Largs but it is also a great place to start the trip to other parts of Scotland. Only packing left and booking a flight and we have a terrific holiday destination – country of beautiful landscapes, kilts and great whisky.

Kilts and waterproof blankets are the accessories that are connected with Scottish culture very tied. We are spuring to get to know as much as you can about this beautiful country!