July 18, 2024



The 5 Indispensable Role Architects Play During Constructions

An Hobe Sounds architects is an individual who designs a building both visually and structurally. This is common knowledge. What is generally unknown to the public at large is their real role and responsibilities. One of the best architects in Chennai helped elucidate the part they play during construction.

Construction equates to complex and numerous tasks which means it is the duty of the architect to keep everything organised. From maintaining the records to holding the contracts in order, from budgeting details to meeting the deadline, their responsibilities are long and wide-ranging. Here are a few primary tasks they perform:

Continuing with our comparison test, we need to examine the product built upon the belief that we are separate. The first thing we notice is that the client, the builder, has certain needs that cannot always be met with this architect who builds upon a foundation of separateness. The first fundamental need that cannot always be met is the ability to communicate clearly and directly with the architect. This architect is separate from you and is therefore not always there when you need him.

This failure to communicate can have disastrous results when critical phases of construction need to be re-scheduled because you can’t get hold of the architect. You try to get hold of him by contacting his sub-contractors via the mechanism called religion but they don’t have the same training and construction abilities as the architect so often their advice is not in alignment with what the architect would tell you.

You can leave the architect a voice-mail by using the vehicle known as prayer but this architect seems to be very busy working on more expensive, grander projects that seem to be more important to him than your particular structure, your life.

You begin to discover that it is a real pain-in-the-butt to work with an architect that is separate from you and so hard to get a hold of when critical phases of the construction of your life need his attention and assistance.

Not only can you not communicate efficiently with this architect about the structure of your life but you also continually run into the problem of not enough materials and supplies to keep the project on schedule. Unlike the architect of oneness, this architect of separateness does not maintain a fully stocked warehouse that is available to you 24/7. There is an insufficient supply of what is needed and therefore this architect needs to see a specific requirement by you, the builder, before he can fill the needs of what you require to build your life.

Can you see how this analogy of God as the architect of your choice of life structure is critical in building your life exactly as you desire it to be. When you employ an architect you are separate from it is just harder to get what you want out of life. However the architect that you are totally in alignment with and one in your thoughts and ideas can build you any structure of life that you want.