July 20, 2024



The Benefits Of Having Jesus Christ Indwelling You

Do you have Jesus the mystical christ inside of you? When you have Jesus you have everything, He is the greatest asset to have in life. As a child of God, the greatest news is that He dwells in you. This article gives the benefits of having Christ dwelling within you.

What kind of life are you expected to live and enjoy having received Jesus as your saviour? The answer is the life of Jesus. God expects you to live as a son of God on earth being co-heir with Christ. This is possible if you understand and believe in what it means to have Jesus dwelling within you and you activate it by faith. He is in you fully with all that He is, not just a part of Him. Truly, when you have Jesus you have everything. Now, it doesn’t mean that you will not have challenges. It means that when these challenges come, victory is surely yours because of Christ in you. In-fact, challenges are opportunities to show case who you carried inside of you at redemption, they are not meant to drown or overcome you.

Jesus is greater than the devil that is in the world. When you are carrying the greater one and you walk in the knowledge of it, who is it that will challenge you and win? An understanding of this gives you the overcomer’s mentality. The greater one is inside of you!

In Christ dwells the fullness of God bodily and He is in you fully. This means all of God is in you. Try to imagine who you are carrying: the creator of the whole universe, the Almighty God, the healer, the provider, refuge, strong tower, wonderful, counsellor, etc. This is true; God is fully inside of you.

Jesus is the wisdom and power of God. Every wisdom and power you will need in life dwells in you. All you need is to listen to Him and obey His instructions fully. A wise man said that every problem is a wisdom problem. Therefore, listening to Christ within you and obeying him will put you over any problem. Do you desire power? There is no power stronger than God’s power. All power belongs to Him. Ask any agent of the devil if he will tell you the truth.

Do you want peace? The Prince of peace Himself dwells in you. He gives the peace that passes all understanding, the type that will allow you to sleep even when the storm is raging. The type that puts you at rest when others, under the same condition, are stressed out and under depression

Christ is the head of principality and power and so they are subject to Him. Whatever He tells them to do they do. As such they are also subject to you because of Christ in you whom you obey. You are complete in Jesus, and so you have nothing to fear

Nobody can get to God the Father except through Jesus. Your access to God dwells in you! Whatever you desire from God can be yours if you will consult Jesus. Also, He is the truth and life. He has come to give you life and that more abundantly. There is no better life than the life in Christ Jesus.