April 19, 2024



The Law of Obedience – One of the 11 Forgotten Laws

One of Bob Proctor’s 11 Forgotten Laws of Attraction is the Law of Obedience. The Law of Attraction is just one out of the 11 Forgotten 法律作业代写, in fact. Bob Proctor became widely known from his role in the movie “The Secret”, but he knew that that movie was only teaching the Law of Attraction–not the Law of Obedience or any of the other 10 Laws. He knew that many people would try to use the cosmic attraction law and fail because of this incomplete teaching.

According to Proctor, this is the Law of Obedience: “In many ways, obedience implies respect. The ability to hold your tongue or action as appropriate to maintain peace and harmony is always more beneficial than disruptive. It also means be obedient to the Laws. Work with the Laws and they will reward you. Work against them and you will pay the price.”

For these Laws to work for you, know that they are always working. They don’t require your believe or your acknowledgment or your awareness. If you throw a stone up into the air, it will fall back down in a few seconds because of natural laws. Now, what if you were somehow convinced that you could throw a stone up into the air and not have it fall back down? You would grow very frustrated after a while, because of course that stone is going to continue to fall back down no matter how hard you throw it. The laws governing that fact don’t require you to accept them or know them–they just work.

But, when you do know the Laws, then you can act in ways that are harmonious with them. You can be obedient to–that is, respectful of–that Law of Obedience and the other 10 Laws, and by doing so attract the things that you desire and need into your life. Don’t try to rewrite the Laws. They are not creations of mankind. You can re-word them to express them, but you can’t change them or make them act in ways that they just don’t act. Denying the Laws will get you nowhere fast. Just because you don’t like the Laws does not make you an exception to their workings.

Being ignorant of the Laws will not get you a free pass or a free ride. It’s up to you to learn and to act in harmony with the Laws–or to pay the terrible price for failing to do so. If you have any beliefs that make you unable to work with any of the Laws, you should examine those beliefs and probably change them or throw them away. The Laws are, literally, beyond belief. Never try to force the Laws to work. They do work, right now. If you’re not getting results you want, you, and not the Laws, are what needs to change.