March 5, 2024



5 Tips on How to Sell My House – Without a Realtor

The commission of a realtor is 6% (average) and no one wants to give that kind of money, especially when I am We buy houses for cash. That is why I probably decided to sell my house in the first place, right – because maybe I need the money?

Every seller of a house is thinking: Should I sell my house without a realtor, all by myself? If you are thinking this then it’s time to say NO to the realtors and their fees.

You probably don’t realize this but if I don’t call a real estate agent I will have huge benefits. Here are a list of benefits if I sell my house without a realtor:

-I earn more money after the house is sold.

-The buyer of the house will be happy because there’s a possibility of getting a better price for the house.

-I learn how to flip houses and I can make a living from flipping houses. A couple tens of dollars would be nice huh?every month I say.

-It’s relatively easy because unlike working on a construction site I use my brain and some other skills to sell my house without a realtor.

So here’s some tips on how to sell my house without a realtor.

1- The times have changed and the people are not urging to buy your house because there’s plenty of house offers. Keep in mind that if your house stays on the market a big period of time the potential buyers get suspicious and they will think your house is overpriced or it’s something wrong with it. This problem can be solved with a good evaluation method.

2- The most important thing when I try to sell my house is the evaluation of the property. I try to search similar properties that are for sale in my neighbourhood and see the price for them.

After that I just lower my price with 10% so that the potential buyers that search a house in my neighbourhood come to me first, because I have a lower price. Another advantage of this method is that the buyers will know that my price is lower than the competition so there’s a big chance that they will not start negotiations for a lower price.

3- You must know the factors that influence the buyer decision.

4-Advertising is another key to make the buyers visit your house.I suggest advertising on the local newspaper, because anyone interested to buy in your location will buy the local newspaper to search for advertisements.

Another method that you must use to advertise your house is with flyers, brochures and the old For Sale sign in front of your house.

5-This is another important tip. Do you know that 80% of home buyers start their search for a home on the internet? This is why must advertise a house for sale on the internet on websites like fsbo, eBay (free).