June 25, 2024



Maximise Curb Appeal to Sell Your House Faster at a Better Price

To Buy my house for cash and at a higher price there are many things you can do which cost very little – or nothing at all. First impressions count for a lot. Even if your house is a palace inside, when it is scruffy or unappealing from the outside, some potential buyers may not even bother knocking on your door. If you want to sell fast at the best price you need to minimise anything that would turn off a potential buyer before they get through your door.

Ensure that the house number is easy to spot from the street. This immediately gives the property an identity. Not having a number visible could almost make your house seem ashamed of itself.

Tidy the garden, weed the path, trim the hedge and above all, hide those bins! Remember to keep the windows clean. If your car is on the driveway, clean that, too.

Does the paintwork look neglected? If it does, what would a prospective buyer think of the rest of the house? Paint the window frames, even if only the ones at eye level, and of course paint the front door. Choose a strong, rich colour. Dark blues or greens give an impression of solidity, bright yellow or orange may scare buyers away.

Make sure that the doorbell works and that any outside lighting is in order. If your house is viewed at night, this will create a reassuring impression.

You may be so used to looking at your own home that you cannot see its good or bad points. Take a walk around neighbouring streets, look at your neighbours’ houses and list what you like or dislike. This will put your own property in a different light and will help you decide which jobs you need to do.