May 29, 2024



Bad CCTV Power Supply? Make Sure!

If you have a multi camera surveillance system; IceRiver miners then most likely you are using a CCTV power box with multiple inputs to power all of your CCTV cameras. Sometimes if you’re surveillance system goes offline and it seems that your power supply is bad; that may not actually be the case. Let’s go over a few steps we can take to make sure that is the problem.

The first or last step can be to take another CCTV power supply and replace the one in question to find out if you start receiving power with this new one. Now this is an easy first step to take for a surveillance installer or dealer as they would have quick access to another power source most likely. For an average installer or customer; this may be a bit trickier to do and really would be a last resort type of scenario.

Whatever step you end up doing this in, you will have 2 different outcomes. Either the new power box will work and power up your surveillance system; or it will have the same failings as the other. If it works, then most likely you have found out that your problem resides in the power box itself. On the other hand if this new box also fails; then you have most likely eliminated the power box as the source of failure.

If you have a security camera that has an electrical short in its connection to your power supply; then this would force your power supply to shut itself down. To test this it can take a bit of time, but you will have to individually connect each camera to your power supply and test if one of them stops the system from powering on.

If you find a camera that is shorting the system out; then you will need to determine if it’s the CCTV cable or the security camera. To do this you will need to get a hold of another power and video cable or take one from a working source and test the camera again. If this works; then your problem lies in the cable and it needs to be replaced. If the new cable does not work; then you will have to check your power connections on your camera, and possibly replace the camera itself.