April 18, 2024



Your Laptop’s Power Supply

Knowing the separate components of your laptops M30S+ supply as well as what each does will ultimately save you a lot of heartache and money in the long run. Many people take their power supply for granted until their computer starts powering off at odd times for seemingly no reason at all. Arm yourself with the basic knowledge about each piece and it can help you diagnose simple problems that may arise.

The first thing that you need to consider when you are looking at your power supply is the power strip that you plug into the wall. This will help regulate the amount of power that goes into your computer and prevent potentially fatal power spikes. Many people think that they can skip this component of their laptops power supply, but once they lose a valuable electronic device due to a power surge, they often never go without.

The next thing in line is the AC power adapter. This is another point that helps regulate the amount of power going into your computer. It will also convert the alternating current from your wall socket and turn it into direct current that your computer will use to power the laptop as well as to charge the battery.

Once the power enters your laptop through the female adapter, the point at which your power cord ends and your laptop begins, the power is routed to the computer power board. This piece of hardware serves two functions: one to send power to the mother board; and two to send power to your battery for charging.

Another often overlooked piece of hardware that is part of your laptops power supply is the computer cooling fan. The cooling fan makes sure that your computer doesn’t overheat. Overheating problems will cause your computer to power off at odd times. The processor for your computer is usually the element that will generate the most heat in your computer so if you ever decide to get a stronger processor,

It is very important that you check and make sure that the computer cooling fan you have installed in your laptop is strong enough to properly cool your laptop. Other issues that people commonly encounter with the fan is that the intake gets clogged with hair and dirt or the intake gets covered up to the point the fan is rendered ineffective. This can actually cause a couple of different situations that may cause your computer to suddenly shut down.