July 18, 2024



Facebook After All the Media Attacks Stop

What will happen to Facebook auto liker when the media attacks stop and Facebook emerges as a success story? I have seen the first of the lock-ups come and go with little variance to the price of the stock. The media has attacked Facebook from the day of the IPO. I have my opinions about the IPO and they do not agree with the media in any way.

First off the media made such a big deal of Facebook being a huge IPO and caused the general public to feel they could not even buy a share of Facebook stock. I was one of those people so I know from my experience. I thought I could not buy a share of Facebook stock on the day of the IPO. Everyone was saying that only the biggest of stock brokers were able to get shares of Facebook stock for their clients. The general public felt left out and didn’t even try to buy stock that day.

A day or two before the IPO came an announcement from GM canceling a 10,000,000 million dollar advertising contract with Facebook and how Facebook had no source of revenue unless they could sell advertising.

I think that is so wrong because the users of Facebook can and will at some point realize the value of themselves to Facebook and if they decide to make purchases off Facebook to increase the price of the stock they own no one will ever be as big as Facebook.

Then the late start at the stock markets on the day of the IPO. Here are some points of the down side of the IPO

  • All the hype of how big the IPO it was going to be.
  • The general public thought they could not buy Facebook because of the media news and the messages being given by the media. News clips on how no ordinary person would even be able to buy a share of Facebook stock because all the big brokers would be the only ones able to buy for their clients. I personally felt like there was no use in me even trying to buy Facebook stock on the day of the IPO, so I didn’t even try.
  • The late start in trading as the stock markets opened didn’t help because the large investors worried longer and became more nervous.
  • Investors bought and because the general public thought they could not buy any shares of Facebook the large investors became more nervous as stocks never took off as they thought they would, so Facebook stocks started to slip and that is the real story about Facebook stocks on opening day.
  • The canceling of GM on a 10 million dollar ad campaign didn’t help but that was not that big of a deal.
  • The value of the users to Facebook and how Facebook was increasing users which would cost Facebook money as the number of users grew was a concern to the large investors. In the days to follow it started to create concern among those investors. If the 1 billion users were to become buyers of the stock and own a part of the Facebook company there would be no reason to question Facebook as a company.
  • The media has been a biggest part of the reason for Facebook’s loss in value. I feel the media should be taken to court for the mess at the stock markets and the IPO of the Facebook company. They forecast how the general public couldn’t even buy Facebook shares. The largest of the media companies should be held accountable and responsible to Facebook and the stock market for this whole mess.